Gesto is a digital information system in the cloud that allows medical clinics to manage their patient’s information, treatments, digital medical records, and medical staff. It also provides real time statistics about different performed treatments and their effectivity, among other functionalities.


Co-founder, Product Designer

The Challenge

In Argentina, health care systems needs an update. The introduction of new technology to veteran professionals and stakeholders seems to be a big challenge. In the 21st century it’s time for patients to have the possibility to manage  their medical information.

The challenge was to design an interface that empowers the product compared to current solutions in the market. A unique experience that embraces not only medical staff but also patients from a wide variety of profiles.


I worked closely with a local medical clinic to explore their routines, processes and the way  they interact with healthcare software. These sessions helped me understand what exactly the user needs and detect some opportunities to apply on the solution.

Once I collected all the information, I sketched some wireframes to organize the user’s flow across the features of the product. The journey starts on the dashboard, where doctors will be able to see their activity history and relevant information related to their patients, and ends on the clinic history of the individual.

User Interface

As a new and innovative product for a sensitive market it was very important to reflect a sense of security and clarity. Based on this insight, I chose a darker blue as the primary color and a light palette to complete the interface. For patient profiles I used light blue and pink to distinguish sex faster.

Icons play a key role in the design system, mostly on the timeline where users are able to see the activity of their accounts and patients in a more intuitive and friendly way.

Mobile version

The platform supports mobile devices to let users interact with Gesto outside the office. The interface is a lite alternative of the desktop version and includes the main features of the solution in order to manage patients information faster.