Over $1 trillion in independent contractor income annually in the U.S. is locked in a 30, 60 or 90 day invoicing cycle and individual and business expenses don’t wait for an invoice to get paid. With Qwil, independent contractors can avoid the invoicing cycle and get paid instantly.

Qwil is a B-Corp dedicated to providing independent contractors with the financial tools they need to thrive – because they’re people, not vendors.


Product Design Lead, UX




The Challenge

As an early-stage startup, Qwil wanted to develop a minimum viable version of the product (MVP). The challenge was not only to create a multi-platform product from zero but to discover how we can provide a brilliant user experience with few features and a tiny scope.

Considering that the app solves a problem for multiple groups of people, we had to focus on several personas during the UX stage in order to validate the solution no matter the user profile.


We approached the briefing from an user-centered point of view, starting from the experience mapping to the development of the information architecture. Once we defined the user journey and validated the path with real users, we started crafting the wireframes of the flow.

User Interface

For this stage we took advantage of the wireframes to develop a beautiful interface that reflects the brand guidelines in every detail. Colors and typography were chosen after many instances of validation with stakeholders and potential users.

A powerful tool. Easy to use.

Finance applications tend to be tedious and confusing. We wanted the opposite.

We created an intuitive way to track the account movements and cash out money. In three easy steps people will be able to deposit money from independent contractors to their bank account.


After making lot of decisions we end up with a solid product available on iOS and Android. The next step was to replicate the experience on desktop browsers.

As a result, we created a web-based version of Qwil which maintains the same design system of the app and provides a unique experience without compromising the consistency with the rest of the platforms.

Landing Page

In addition to the design and development of the product, we also created a website to communicate the launch of the product and invite potential to download the app and sign up to the platform.